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What is mediation? And how it helps in the situation of gender-based violence?

These were the two questions to be discussed within a “Knowledge Can Stop Gender-Based Violence” project meeting. Special guest of the meeting was Alena Voronina, psychologist and mediator, Director of “Life Resource” Center of Psychology, Mediation and Law.

We learned that law on mediation was issued in Russia almost 7 year ago. However, this method of disputes settlement is not in current use in Russia yet. That’s a pity because mediation is, first of all, a way to find a decision which satisfies both parties and to do it with the help of a well-trained intermediary. As experience proves, such mutually satisfactory decisions are implemented more willingly and in a more thorough way that, for example, decisions by the court.

Also, mediation helps to save better relations between ex-spouses. It is especially important if, no longer a wife and a husband, they are still parents of their children. Also, mediation serves well if one of the parties is in a vulnerable position and has troubles in asserting oneself.

Our special guest Alena Voronina believes that the main aim of a mediator is to find true motives and real needs of each dispute party. After that people themselves may well see an appropriate way-out while mediation also helps to reduce aggression in communication. How it works? First, communication is performed through an intermediary who knows how to rule emotions. Second, both parties are equal within the procedure. That is why we came to a decision that mediation may solve many conflicts. The main thing is to find a way of informing those who may need such a service.

Svetlana Chernova, lawyer, volunteer:

“Mediation training was very cognitive. I study it in detail now because it is a real help in my job”.

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