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Working Visit to Samara, Russia


Working Visit to Samara, Russia

By Riddhi Mukhopadhyay, Legal Director, Sexual Violence Legal Services, YWCA

It has been a whirlwind experience working with our Russian colleagues who are addressing gender-based violence within their own communities. Though Milena Chausheva and I were invited as experts to speak on aspects of gender-based violence, including practical tools, the brain science of trauma and provider burnout, there is much we have also learned about the work and efforts happening at the local level. From the comprehensive social services being provided by the organization Matronushka for new and expecting mothers to the education, support, counseling and safe space created by the organization Domik Detstva for young adults who have exited the Russian orphanage system to the charity foundation Samarskaya Guberniya’s support for multiple programs on elder abuse and elder neglect, each effort is thoughtfully implemented and developing new models of support and service that is changing the culture of violence many of our most vulnerable both in the U.S. and Russia experience.

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Working Visit to Portland


Working Visit to Portland, OR, USA

By Tatiana Loshchinina, psychologist

Our working visit to the USA within the project “Knowledge Can Stop Gender-Based Violence: Seeking New Solutions” is coming to an end. So I would like to say “thank you” to all the professionals who shared their knowledge and experience with us as well as to all the project founders and sponsors! Tatyana Bondarchuk from Lutheran Community Services (Portland, OR, USA) prepared a magnificent visit schedule for us and helped us visit numerous centers which work with domestic violence in Oregon. We spend two days visiting:

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Working Visit to Seattle, WA, USA


Knowledge will stop violence!

By Svetlana Sanfirova, NGO director, lawyer

Every organization which provides assistance to people in need sooner or later faces the problem of violence. What was your first idea when you read this word – “violence”? Most probably, it was the idea of sexual assault, or battering. It is less likely that you thought of emotional or economical abuse. However, violence has many faces and it wears masks, sometimes even most fine-looking ones: one of un-indifference or care or guardianship.

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